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WOW Nude Mod World of Wacraft Map WOW Nude Characters
WOW Nude Mod World of Wacraft Map WOW Nude Characters

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This is the nude patch/mod for WoW. Not sure if it's an exploit or a hack... but it violates Blizzards EULA, so I'm guessing hacks. (Keep in mind, this mod isn't detectable so you won't get banned... or well, it isn't detectable atm).

A bunch of you probably already know of the nude mod, and have maybe used it in the past. Well I have to a long time ago, up till a point where it stopped working. I was "tricked" into thinking that mods such as this nude mod, were no longer supported in WoW, however I've recently discovered that I was wrong Razz.

The mod I'm uploading is the latest one I've found and it includes skins for the two new BC races. To install the mod, simply unzip the file into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data
you may have to rename the X in the file name to a number
usually 5 , 6 , or 7 works.
The game will do the rest.

Keep in mind, atm the mod is not detectable by any software currently implanted into the WoW client, however the use of the mod is against EULA and you can get banned if your going around telling everyone that you are using it. So "use with caution" Razz.

Also I'm sorry if this mod has already been posted. Keep in mind that I am not posting this for any TUbucks, but rather to help others out who couldn't find/get working the nude mod.


------------From the creator--------------------
Q: What is the password for the zip file?
A: The zip file isn't password protected. For a fix see next answer.

Q: Zip comes out corrupted and won't open.
A: I need you to send me a contact email telling my that the file was corrupt. Please do not leave comments as they are not helpful enough. Download from the MIRROR

Q: How do i remove the mod/patch?
A: Simply delete the Patch-X.MPQ from the data folder.

Q: Do other people see me nude when using this?
A: This only changes the models for you on your machine. It is not visible to others that you are using the patch.

Q: Can using this get me banned?
A: The answer to this is longer than a yes or no so I will try to explain the best I can. According to the World of Warcraft agreement using this download could get your account banned. If that is enough for you to not use it then don't.

The level of risk to you if you do use it is very slim. The mod has been downloaded over 300,000 times now and I have never received one email saying they were banned because of it. If people were getting banned it would become very apparent to me and I could warn users before downloading. I believe the risk becomes even less when you think about Blizzard's options. They can either ban people for using this while enjoying their game or they can remove the ability for such a mod to be used. The second is so much more likely a decision.

No smoke blowing here guys. In the end the mod is against WoW's TOS but your chance of banishment is slim to none.


Here is a direct link to the program.


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